Chance The Rapper & Francis And The Lights, The Ultimate #Besties Dance

About two weeks ago I held a Girls Night Games Night at my flat. And like most of these get togethers, a few games and drinks later we attempted random dances off YouTube! And yes, Destiny Child – a crowd favourite – featured more than a few times. Duh!

One of my highlights was jamming to “May I Have This Dance” by Chance The Rapper and Francis and the Lights. At the time I didn’t really listen to (or to my shame, know) either artist. But now they both feature frequently in my life.

This song has such a cool-kid, super chilled, feel good vibes. It’s one of those songs that you want bae (or in my case future bae) to sing to you. And the dancing is AAAMMMMAAAAZZZIIINNNGG!

But the best moment in the song comes at 02:31 when Chance is joined by Francis for a next level #BESTIES dance!!

*Note: This is what I’ll be doing in my room for the next few weeks.*



Favourite lines in the song:

“May I have this dance? To make it up to you
Can I say something crazy? I love you
Give me both your hands. To make it up to you
Let me spin and excite you.”
– Francis and the Lights
“You must have been born with two right feet
I know you’ve been looking for something concrete
You must have been born with two right feet.”
– Chance The Rapper

I’ve listened this song waaaaayyy to many times and also become a huge fan of both artist’s music. It’s my new happy song. Happy Days!!!


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