A Life Well-Designed

Some of the world’s grandest buildings, longest bridges, most epic gadgets and memorising sculptures were created with an incredible vision and design in mind. Be it architecture, science or art –  the seemingly mundane repetition of not only perfecting one’s craft, but striving to understanding it holistically, has granted ordinary people the title maestro. But it is the hours and detail put in the designs that makes them look as though they were created with ease.

Merriam Webster defines design as the ability to, “to create, fashion, execute, or construct according to plan.” While Oxford Dictionaries defines it as, “A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is made”. The outcomes of the above are usually for human indulgence and use in our daily lives.

And while the future of the physical design of our world is essential for us to live in, how can we fully appreciate it if we have not crafted and understood ourselves and our greater purpose first?

Although we can come to a majority consensus on what a well-designed car or device is, the definition of a well-designed life is intrinsically complex. This is because as humans we are all individually different, we come from various parts of the world and our preferences scale from a desire to live in solitude; to the busiest cities in the world.

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To generalise, each generation’s definition of a well-designed life has been shaped by the circumstances of the time, as well as the desire to improve on the “limitations” of the generations before. *Side note for those interested, here’s a link to a Generational Differences Chart that I found rather interesting.

If you look at the Baby Boomers (1946-1964), a fulfilled life became based on things like: family, structure, routine, working your way up the career ladder and doing things “the old way”.

Generation X (1965-1980) are more career focused. This generation is seen to be very independent and focused on education.

Then comes the generation that I’m sure has had the most articles written on them and also the generation that most people have complained about – Generation Y, aka the Millennials. This group, born between 1981 and 2000, is one I am all too familiar with because I happen to fall in this bracket. As it is widely known Millennials are more outspoken and focused on happiness and feelings.

Most recently I read an eye-opening article featured on the Malaysian Digest on the fresh and focused Generation Z – the generation following the Millennials. It stated:

“Unlike the laid-back millennials, they have a passion for work, prioritizing more practical concerns of pay, benefits and mentorship because they grew up in a time of economic and political uncertainty and have watched their predecessors struggle to find jobs and do not want to share the same fate.”

With each generation being generally different, what then does the future of a well-designed life look like. What do the measurements or statistics say? What country should one live in for the happiest life? What music should one listen to. How many books should you read? Which Yoga positions should you do?

Sure, we can generalize but to attempt to find the perfect recipe for happiness, success or a well-designed life would be futile. There are multiple articles and books you can read on topics on the perfect life. However, I don’t think their intention is to tell you exactly what you need to do but rather give you the tools to help you create your ideal life. The one you envision when you dream.

At least, I think, we would all agree on one thing: That we desire to be happy. Whatever that might look like or mean to you.

I’ve been in enough conversations to realise that sometimes we spend so much time stressing about our fears and not enough time living.

Perhaps it’s time to reintroduce yourself to yourself. Do the inner work and study you. Love you with all your flaws and graces as you are right now. Not future you, but you today, at this very second. Unpack your thoughts and dig deep. Ask yourself how are you doing mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally?

That said. Breathe deep. Read. Binge watch your favourite series. Be whole. Love your family. Delight in laughter. Listen to the sound of the rain. Hang out with friends. Drink. Detox. Do yoga. Go on a hike. See the world and Travel. Not oceans away but take a bus to your neighbouring city. Walk slow. Run. Love long and hard. Fall apart. Stand tall. Sit and write. Be honest. Be not afraid of your inner power. You are great.

Design your life the way you want it. Become your own maestro. And remember the details of your blueprint are only perfected in the process.

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