The Unravelling…

We spend a great part of our youth learning “how to live”. Our habits are fashioned by those around us and we’re characterized by the areas we live in, trends we follow and music we listen to.

It is here, in the words addressed “Dear Diary”, that we begin to create our default settings – the base of our beliefs strung together by the opinions of others.

“I am smart. I am beautiful. I am ugly. I am shy. I am talented. I am blessed. I am scared. I will never amount to anything. I am…”

Man, if we only knew the power of “I AM”.

As we get older we begin to question the tangled ball that we once astutely followed. And all it takes is one untangled string for the little voice to whisper “but why?”

yarn - crafthubs

Naturally, you tug on the string as your enquiring mind wants to know more. You become fascinated by the revelations of life all in the pursuit of happiness – your happiness. What does that even mean? What does that look like?

It’s a fight, the unravelling is a fight. It is a process where you unlearn the default habits that have kept you in the ball; to take on liberating principles with tenacity. It requires that you travel beyond the yellow brick road – but only if you have the audacity to do so.

The unravelling is not a destination it is a journey.


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