“Yesterday You Said Tomorrow”

I’m forever looking for ways to stay motivated. Motivated to work, to exercise, to read, to wake up to… ummmm… blog. My bookshelf is filled with inspirational reads, I’ve listened to countless moving sermons, 84% of my YouTube history consists of videos on pushing boundaries and my iTunes holds way too many superhero film scores to count.

Everywhere I look I’m surrounded by material urging me to go, to move and to press forward. I can spend a good couple of hours getting pumped to work on my goals but the moment just before I act, there’s a pause.

You know the mind is a powerful thing. TD Jakes says “The mind is a battleground.” And indeed it is. It doesn’t matter how pumped I am, during that pause, there’s always a little voice that whispers some excuse as to why I should “start tomorrow”. In that moment the excuse sounds pretty valid and just like that, I tap out. Here are some of my mind’s favourite excuses.

“I’m tired”

“It’s cold.”

“You’ve had two chips. Just finish the packet. Okay let’s make it a cheat week and start on Monday.”

“It’s not the right season.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I’ll just sleep for 15 minutes and then I’ll wake up and work.”

I’m not sure if any of these sound familiar but I’m sure you get the point. Believe me, it was never my intention to reach the level of professional procrastinator. It got to the point where it wasn’t just my mind that was too lazy to work, but my body would also shut down and freeze. I became so comfortable with surrounding myself with motivational content (that made me feel like I was being active) but when push came to shove I chose to sleep instead, promising myself that tomorrow things would be different and that I would be better. But nothing changed and the cycle of letting myself down became a daily occurrence. Simply, I became comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Earlier today I was on Pinterest looking for another life changing quote that would kick me into shape, at least for the rest of the day. And there is was. Three simple words above a Nike tick.

Just Do It

It’s not like I hadn’t seen those words before, or similar phrases, but today it hit the spot. I made the image my screensaver and throughout the day every time I picked up my phone I looked at the words.

I thought about what my life would look like if I didn’t overthink everything and just kept moving forward. Instead of list of things I should’ve done it would be a list of things I did.

For the last few months, ever since I moved back to Cape Town, I’ve been thinking about blogging but never got around to it. I have a folder filled with incomplete posts, but that’s all they are – incomplete. The question I asked was “how do I move past the point of passively dreaming to actively doing?”

I’m a huge advocate for motivational content, here’s one of my favourite videos featuring Les Brown.

Think Less. Talk Less. And Just Do a little every day. Set long-term, short-term and daily personal and professional goals. One of my goals for today was to write a blog post – TADAA!! But it wasn’t easy; it took me roughly 40 minutes from deciding I was going to blog typing the first word.

What was the hold up? Well I had to set up my working station, make coffee, make a hot water bottle and get a blanket. Then ponder a few topics, open a word document, stare at the blank screen, get the right music and finally… JUST DO IT.

This is how it might be for the next a few days, weeks and even months. But I’ve heard if you do something for 21 days it will eventually become a habit. (No I’m not going to blog every day for 21 days but I pledge to write every day for that period).

It’s my birthday in a few months and I’m turning 25. One of my goals is to complete a 10km run. I have sorta kinda started training but it’s tough. (BTW I welcome all advise because I don’t want this to become a before I reach 30 goal).

The challenge is to Nike it. Every day, little by little.

For too long I’ve sat on the side-lines waiting until I felt like was strong enough to fight. But strength is not gained by watching other people fight for their dreams… it’s gained by getting in the ring.

Round one. Here we go. I’m ready!


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