Actually, I’m Not Sorry

“I’m sorry”.

It’s a simple phrase often used incorrectly by many women. I know I’m guilty of throwing the expression around before asking a question, when I need to someone to move out my way or even when someone wrongs me. But that’s not how the English language intended for us to use it.

Dictionary definitions of “sorry”: Oxford Dictionary – “Feeling sad or distressed through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.” Urban Dictionary – “Basically a word to get men out of a jam. Most often used in a lie.” (Oh so true.) Collins Dictionary – “Feeling or expressing pity, sympathy, remorse, grief, or regret.”

After watching the “Not Sorry” advert by Pantene, I realized that misusing the word to seem polite is a problem.

The challenge is simple: Admit You Have a Problem, STOP APOLOGIZING unnecessarily & Keep Calm and Carry On.



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