Dar es Salaam, The City of Contrasts

Last week I had a great opportunity to travel to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It’s winter and the weather forecast predicted thundershowers for the entire week I was there.

So I arrived wearing jeans, a long sleeve black top, a scarf, pumps and a rain jacket. But when I stepped off the cool air-conditioned plane I was hit with a blast of humidity. I dropped my bags, peeled off a few layers and desperately wished that someone would hand me a light flowing dress. Clearly, I was not prepared.

By Rutendo Nyamuda

I sweated throughout customs and the thought of being in the country during summer made me sweat even more.

The journey from the airport to my hotel was 16 km and should’ve taken roughly 30 minutes to get there. But thanks to the traffic it took 2 hours, it reminded me of traffic back home in Johannesburg. #Thought: I can’t wait for flying cars, I think it’ll solve this traffic problem.

Dar es Salaam is beautiful blend of contrasts. As you drive through different suburbs you see the rich and the poor. Dust roads and well-paved highways. People walking and riding motorcycles, while others were chauffeur driven.

Around the corner from the well-build neighborhoods, with tall buildings, you’ll find far less developed areas with a different heartbeat. Then there’s the spectacular places along the sea which offer the perfect way to watch the sun fall beyond the horizon.

By Rutendo Nyamuda

One of the first things I did was learn a few words to get by. Hujambo (Hello) and asante sana (Thank you). My favorite was hakuna matata, meaning no worries. It reminded me of The Lion King of course.

Tanzania is the third African country I’ve visited, after Zimbabwe and South Africa. I’ve found that each country has its own customs, traditional foods, dances, sayings and heartbeat. There is so much beauty on this magnificent continent called Africa. You just have to open your eyes to see it’s beauty!

By Rutendo Nyamuda

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