Sitting at an Airport Coffee Shop

There’s something magical about airports. Departures, arrivals, passports and tickets. Accents from around the globe and eavesdropping on conversations you don’t understand. Watching kids leave for school tours all dressed in matching outfits.  And the goodbye kisses on the one end that balance the welcome back hugs on the other end.

I always have some kind of drama at the airport. It usually involves running like a madman to check-in so I don’t miss my flight, pleading with the person at the desk to let me through (because “it’s the first time I’ve ever been late and it’ll never happen again”) then asking for a window seat. I tell you there’s nothing like sitting in a plane, as it takes off, knowing that you just made it.

Plane Taking Flight (Google Image)
Plane Taking Flight (Google Image)

This time it’s not about me. I’m sitting at Mugg & Bean at O.R. Tambo International Airport, in Johannesburg, waiting for my sister’s flight to arrive. I’m surrounded by people chatting, eating, chilling and having a good old time.

If you happen to be here, I’m the lady sitting in the middle of the restaurant looking serious with my glasses on while I type away on my laptop.

I’m certain everyone thinks I’m writing a hard-hitting piece on politics or the economy and that I’m on a tight deadline. In all honesty I brought my laptop to be productive and work but who am I kidding, the conversations in my head are far more entertaining.

“Hmmm, I wonder when the waitress will bring my coffee. I wonder if the restaurant has an eat-free policy if you think your order took too long to arrive.”

Then there’s the whole tipping issue. Yes, it’s standard to tip 10%. I was once a waitress and I know that you rely on tips. The worst thing is to get a massive table whose bill comes up to R 1 500 and you get a R10 tip… that’s just crazzeee.

But what if your have a crappy waitress who leans on the chair or sits on the chair while taking your order, sips your drink as she approaches your table, seems uninterested in the process, forgets your meal then brings the wrong one and tells you that it’s your fault… (Okay that has never happened to me but I’m just writing as it comes). But if that happens should you still tip 10%??

Hmmm thoughts…

Okay so I think I’m going to read for a bit. The airport seems like an unproductive place to work.

O.R Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg. By Rutendo Nyamuda

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