The Sale: Survival Guide

Sale season has just ended and I feel I wasn’t fully prepared.  Sales are definitely not pretty seasonal-events where everyone is polite and you get what you want. It’s a battle; and if you don’t come prepared you’ll leave with absolutely nothing.

I just went to buy bread…

 Step 1: Map the Place

The first thing you have to do is go to the store a week before the sale and then again a couple days before just to make sure you know all the routes. Also distinguish between sale items and new stock. Know your size because there’s no time to try on one outfit in three different sizes.

Step 2: Defense and Striker

Find a sale buddy. One of you will play defense and the other the striker. The defense will scout out competition with the same fashion style as you. When the defense sees your competition going for an item of interest they will notify you so that you, the striker, will charge and get it first.

Step 3: Dress to Strip

Wear clothes that are easy to take off and put back on. I suggest a dress or leggings and a top.

Step 4: Leave your Space Issues at Home

Personal space issues and a sale do not go hand in hand. There will be people pushing and shoving, reaching over and above you just to get that one item of clothing, even if it’s clearly not their size. Do not, for a second, put anything down because anything on the floor is fair game.

Step 5: Budget

Don’t be fooled by the items that aren’t on sale. Stay focused. Remember you are only looking for items with a sale tag. Beware, some items on sale may still be very pricy.


Step 6: Forever Young

When it comes to sales, age is nothing but a number. You’re all young and healthy.  And if you ask someone to assist you, just know there’s a strong possibility that they will take the item for themselves. Trust me, I’ve seen it.

So for next time, happy shopping!!


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