The Pigeon & The Window… Based on a True Story

I was sitting in the lounge watching… hmmm… I can’t even remember what I was watching but it was something on the E! Channel.  Suddenly I heard wings flapping frantically and when I looked up there was a pigeon flying around the house.

I screamed and then tumbled down the stairs. Before I knew it, the bird was heading in my direction. I shot up, ran back up the stairs and straight onto the balcony.

Clutching the DSTV remote in one hand and my cell phone in the other, I calmed down and tried to catch my breath. I checked the time, it was 13:00. Then BAM! BAM! BAM!

I peered down from the balcony and saw the bird pounding itself against the window as it tried to break free. I phoned my sister, who was in her bedroom, but she apparently didn’t hear her phone ring. That’s when I realised that I was alone in this, kind of like Suraj Sharma in Life of Pi but without the boat, the water and a few other things.

I looked down again and saw the bird chilling on the windowsill. You’re probably thinking that it was more scared of me than I was of it. But that was certainly not the case. I was definitely way more scared… like way more!

Then BAM! BAM! Over and over, again and again the pigeon (which I named Red) bashed into the window. After opening both balcony doors, with the hope that it would see itself out, I found a safe spot in the corner of the balcony between two pot plants where I sat and waited.

The shadow of the encircling birds that flew above made me feel as if they were getting ready to devour me. After HOURS in the hot sun, I began to give up hope. I closed my eyes to rest my heavily eyelids.

Once again, without warning, I was startled by the frantic flapping of pigeon wings. It was Red. He / She flew out of the lounge doors and glided into the air.

I imagined myself screaming at the top of my lungs: “Be free pigeon, be free!”

But instead, with my heart still pounding, I gradually stood up and watched it land on the neighbour’s roof. Red stood tall then looked straight at me as if to say, “I’ll be back”. And with a raised brow I replied, “I’m buying a cat”.

Pigeon on the Roof

After Red flew off I rushed through the house, limping on my semi-broken toe, closing all the windows and doors. Before I sat on my bed to type the story of The Pigeon & The Window I checked the time. It was 13:22. I guess time flies… when there’s a pigeon in your house.


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