Your Time Will Come

Yesterday was the Wimbledon men’s finals. I watched as two of my favorite tennis players, Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic, went head to head fighting for one of the most prized possessions in tennis: The Wimbledon Cup.

It was no secret who the British home crowd was supporting. Every cheer for a point to  Murray sounded as if he had already won the match. I supported Djokovic. Not because he didn’t have the backing of the empire but because I remembered the impersonations he had done of other tennis players and how much it made me laugh.

Even though my man didn’t win, I have to hand it to Murray he played a great game and perhaps wanted it more than anyone else on the scene. This was his year but it didn’t come without a fight. He dominated throughout the game but there were a few times when it seemed like Djokovic was going to pull one of his great comebacks, as he usually did, but not this time. Murray was prepared. With perfect aces and well thought out shots, it was if he had rehearsed this game over and over in his mind just waiting for the day when it would become a reality.

As I thought back to when I first saw Murray on the court, a young bright eyed lad who had no idea of the journey ahead of him, I realized just how far he had come. Now he stood holding the sane trophy as many great tennis payers had done before him, he had become one of them. But it was in that moment on TV, while he was holding up his trophy, that I leant a few lessons from this Scottish lad.

Lesson #1: We are all born with gifts and dreams. But it is up to us to harness those dreams and make them our reality. Surely Murray could have gone into a normal 9-5 job but he followed his calling and look where he is now.

Lesson #2: You have to climb over the little bumps in the road before you can climb the mountain. Murray started off wining championships at a junior level before he played in the big leagues. Then when he got there he was ranked no 402 and battled his way to his current ranking of world no 2 (behind Djokovic J).

Lesson #3: In every great movie there is always a major fall before VICTORY! Murray’s great fall was at the Wimbledon men’s final in 2012 where he lost to Rodger Federer on home ground, he cried too. Then this year BAM he wins. All those years of hard work and pain were surely worth it. With the empire backing him he defeated Djocovic in straight sets 6:4, 7:5, 6:4.

I don’t know where to fit this part in but random thought: I think he’s going to be knighted… well at least he should be #justsaying … hmmm watch this space.

All in all what I learnt yesterday/toadyish is Be Patient, Work Hard & Your Turn Will Come.


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