Desktop Detox

Someone once told me (or I read it somewhere, or someone might have read it to me) that “the state of one’s desktop is (almost accurately but not really at all) a reflection of one’s state of mind”.

So I decided to clear up my desktop, documents, pictures and folders in the hopes that it would bring some sort of clearness to my mind. It looked pretty bad, like a desktop would after months of “I’ll move this into the right folder later”. Perhaps I should be going to meetings for this. One of those: “Hi. My name is Rutendo, and I’m a desktop hoarder” meetings.

The clearing process was liberating. I uninstalled a few unused programs then I got busy deleting, organising and renaming documents and folders. Hours later, I was done.

I restarted my computer, opened iTunes and clicked on Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding but no sound came out. I tried to watch an episode of The Newsroom but still nothing. Then I opened the control panel and tested the speakers but still no sound. Panic came with random thoughts like, “Was I going to have to pay some IT person 20s and 30s of rands to tell me the reason I had no sound was because of something as silly as having the mute button on?  No, I was certainly not.

Should've read this first!
Should’ve read this first!

After a few rounds of “click-click no sound” with my laptop, I found the problem. It seemed that in my attempt to clean up I may have uninstalled the audio program. Having realised this common mistake (because surely everyone has at some stage accidently uninstalled their computer’s audio program) I immediately restored all former settings and just like that everything had gone back to the way it was before my epiphany. Not only was my music back, but the three hours I spent deleting, sorting and renaming folders had all come undone and once again my desktop looked like a mess.

I had no choice but to refer back to a skill I learnt when I was younger and my mom told me to clean my room. But instead of shoving all my clothes into my cupboard, I created the folder “Sorted” and put everything in it.

In my books if it looks clean, acts clean and there is no visible sign of disorder on the desktop then it must be clean.


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