You’re Overthinking It

ImageBack slouched, knees bent and chin resting on the right hand, The Thinker sits intensely contemplating a decision that he has already made.  Yet, he thinks that if he reconsiders all the possible outcomes of every situation he’ll, somehow, come to a better conclusion.

For months I have pondered the thought of reenergising this blog. I would start off with a brilliant idea and in my head I would think of ways to write that would move the reader. And after much deliberating I decided that the idea, which I once thought to be the best thing since sliced-bread, wasn’t worth writing anymore.

The opportunity for one to take a seat on the rock and comes at least once a day. Do any of these sound familiar?

“I can’t start exercising today because it looks like it’s going to rain so I won’t make it to the gym because the rain is movie watching weather.”

Or what about: “To eat the cupcake or not to eat the cupcake?” which is more of a rhetorical statement than a question.

So what changed? Today I had a light bulb moment: “You can only sit on the rock, dreaming and thinking, for so long. Eventually you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to get off the rock and take action or you’ll find yourself spending your grey years wondering what life would’ve been life had you had the courage to get off the rock.” I don’t know if that makes any sense but what I was trying to say is get off the rock or regret staying on it.

This is what the sculptor, Auguste Rodin, had to say about his master piece: “…Guided by my first inspiration I conceived another thinker, a naked man, seated on a rock, his fist against his teeth, he dreams. The fertile thought slowly elaborates itself within his brain. He is no longer a dreamer, he is a creator.”


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