I found LOVE in NYC

Just over a decade ago, at the centre of New York’s financial district, The World Trade Center’s twin towers stood tall. They made all the other “skyscraper” buildings around them look like tree scraper buildings.  I remember coming home from school on the 11th of September 2001 and almost every channel I turned to had the breaking story of two planes crashing into the towers. I find it quite moving to be standing at the location of the towers. Here at Ground Zero there is a stillness in the air. Now, in place of the towers, in memory of the people who lost their lives, are two large pools with their names engraved on the sides.

For those into commerce downtown would be an exciting place for you. With Wall Street on my right The New York Stock Exchange on my left I feel as though it should be raining $100 bills.

As the day went on I found another form of transportation, the water taxi which I took to Brooklyn. The water taxi was yellow just like the city cabs which I though was cute , but the ride was free.

I could see The Statue of Liberty in the far distance. So close and yet so far.

After my ride I headed back to mid-town.  I wondered in and out of various streets. Getting lost can sometimes be fun especially when you accidentally find LOVE in New York City. I’ll never forget it. When I turned the corner of 6th Ave & 55th street, it was love at first sight. No really, the first thing when I turned the corner was a giant red LOVE sculpture designed by Robert Indiana.


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