Washington Square vs Central Park

When you decide to travel to a city where you know two people it feels really great to bump into a familiar face. I met up with Khwezi Magwaza, one of my mentors from the Seventeen Internship academy, for coffee near the NYU campus which is located in Lower Manhattan. After coffee I walked through parts of the NYU campus. Close by I found Washington Square where I sat and listened to this brilliant pianist for about an hour, then another music group for another 30mins or so. Yes I’m a sucker for good music.


In Washington Square I found the Arc de Triomphe’s sister structure, The Washington Arc. This place I I always remember as the place where a lady asked me which part of Australia I was from. I think she needs to brush up on her accents. Sweet lady though…

My train ride back to mid-town stopped a few blocks away from Central Park and let me say, some of those Google images do not do it justice. It’s one of those places that you have to experience live. I took a very long walk through the park. I tried to find all the bridges but I didn’t get very after the third bridge I sat down and took in the beautiful scenery.


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