Concrete Jungle

“Good Morning New York!” I was feeling pretty eager to get my adventure started so I was up really early and off I went. I took the train to Mid-Town, Manhattan, where I got off at 53rd on 7th Street. (This is my version of name dropping street names). When I surfaced from the underground train stop it was as if I was in a movie. I could picture a revolving camera and all the people were just extras in the background.

Before I started my adventure I popped into Balducci’s, a coffee shop, for my morning fix but more so to find out where I was and how to get to the first place on my list, Times Square. The waitress I asked for directions spoke so fast all I heard was “down that way”. So with no map or sense of direction I ventured on “down that way”. I wasn’t surprised at the amount of tourist stores fully stocked up with all things New York from t-shirts to snow globes. Here’s a little tip: don’t buy the first thing you see because if you travel few stores down I grantee you’ll find it for cheaper. I also came across the MNM store. It’s this massive place filled with MNMs in so many different colours. Back on the road I came across a guy promoting the hop-on hop-off city tours. He explained the route the bus took and on the pamphlet was a map of the city. And just like that I had a map which included some tourist attractions.
After a few right turns I arrived in Times Square it was incredible. Massive TV screens, billboards advertising Broadway shows, loads of people. This crazy fantastic place was everything I had imagined it to be. If you are a Broadway lover I suggest you find the TKTS booth in Times Square because you can buy tickets to the shows for up to half the price. (Don’t worry, it’s legit!)
My next stop was to find the Empire State Building. I didn’t think it would be hard I was just looking for a tall building with antenna at the top, well that’s what I thought. I found the tall building with and antenna onto. I was so excited I started singing, “In New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do, Now you’re in New York,” very loudly in my head. It was after I took my pictures that I realized that I was standing in front of the Chrysler Building. Eish, can you really blame me? They’ve both got that whole antenna thing working for them.
Not too far from the Chrysler Building I found the real Empire State Building. No song this time, just a happy dance.
The Flat Iron building is definitely one of the most unique buildings I have seen. There is so much character of the building with its distinctive exterior. As I approached the building it began to rain but that didn’t stop me, I sprung open my umbrella and carried on my way.
Last place I went to was the Rockefeller Center. Outside the building are flags from different nations making look like an almost United Nations building. There were a few people ice-skating at the ice rink below. I was tempted to join them but the thought was quickly erased with the image of me falling in front of so many people.

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