NYC: The Arrival

New York, New York… a city so spectacular you have to say it twice 🙂

My journey to “The Big Apple” or as I like to call it “The Core” began in Ohio. I flew from Dayton, to Newark in New Jersey. One thing that always amuses me every time I’m at an American airport is the process of going through the security check point. Back home, in South Africa, you’ll put your bag through the scanner, walk through the metal detector and you’re good to go. Here you first have to take off your shoes, belt, jacket, earrings, etc then empty out your pockets. You also have to take out all the liquids in your hand luggage (because you’re only allowed a certain amount… I never got the memo on that one) then place all of that in a plastic dish. After that you proceed into a round container where you have to place your hands up (as if you’re getting a pat down) and the walls rotate around you. And if you think that is tiring you have to put everything back on and place all your belongings back in your bag and only then are you good to go.

I arrived at Newark Airport at 6:15pm then I rushed to take a 40 minute train ride to NYC. I sat at the subway station for about 10 minutes waiting for my friend to arrive and that’s about how long it took for me to be taken in by the city. As I settled in the corner of the subway station I quickly became aware of the pace at which people were rushing past me. Hundreds of people of different ethnicities going different places each with their unique story all find themselves at one place. I felt like the onlooker in the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”.  I was amazed, no fascinated.

After my friend came to pick me up we headed through a small part of the city, onto another train and ended up at her place. As I lay awake at night, taking it all in, I realized that after all my years of dreaming I had finally made it. I was finally in New York City!

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