Men in tights aka Super Bowl

I’ve been meaning to start this blog forever but I’ve been super lazy. So what eventually got me to start this blog? Was it the fact that I was in a foreign country, my new love for computers or my obsession to keep busy?  Nope, none of the above. So here goes, the reason I started writing this blog  I owe to Men in Tights aka The Super Bowl aka American football. Just to clarify something English football is soccer and American foot ball is a mixture of South African rugby and… mmm ya that’s about the only game it’s similar to.

For the past two days I’ve been watching football stuff. Last night I caught the last bit of the NFL Super Bowl/Football awards ceremony which was amazing. Aaron Rogers was named MVP whoop whoop (I’ll find out what that means tomorrow). I think there should also be an award for MHP (Most Hottest Player) ahhh…. I could point out a few men who would definitely make the cut (I just don’t know their names yet).

Now it’s no secret that I was cheering on the NY giants and not because they won, although I always support the winning team after the game, I simply love New York City. And the team comes with the city.

Before today’s game the only other football game I had seen was in movies such as Remember the Titans, Any Given Sunday, Radio and the Water Boy. My favourite part of these movies is that deep and meaningful speech the coach gives to the players before they get back onto the field. I wish there were camera’s in those locker rooms with a live orchestra in the background adding depth to the speech. And then we’d need that music again at the end of the game when the winning team scores the final touchdown. Or if you’re the loosing team it’s where the music becomes sad and the camera focuses on the pain of the loosing team.

Watching sport on TV is such an exciting pastime, more for the people watching the diehard fans at work. I love watching people getting all wound up over a game. Yelling at the TV screen not paying attention to the fact that the players can’t hear you. Getting all wound up making noises like “ooo ahh”, “what are you doing” and my favourite “no no no commmaaaan.

Okay so that’s me done. There’s so much more I want to say but I think I’m going to call it a night.


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