I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

I was so sure that this year, being in the States for Christmas, I would have had a white Christmas. I mean that’s the reason why people leave the African sunshine in December for the white winter. But sadly it didn’t snow on Christmas and my winter wonderland only appeared two days later. The fact that I had seen snow before was not evident in my reaction to the wonderful sight. I felt like a younger version of myself throwing the snow up in the air and laughing as it fell on my face, my snow angel looked more like a snow circle and my only regret was placing a jacket on my snow man.

This got me thinking about this idea of a “white Christmas”. One wonders where the idea of having a white Christmas comes from. I don’t know about you but in South Africa we’ve never had snow on or around Christmas. Ahh shame, but why? Because it’s in the middle of summer, that’s why. That being said where are the Christmas songs with lyrics of how hot it is? What are we doing singing “chest nuts roasting on the open fire” it’s more like “boerewors grilling on an open flame” or “I’ve been dreaming or a white Christmas” should be “I’ve been dreaming of becoming a shade darker after this heat” and “Winter Wonderland” eish I don’t about that one.

So to my singer song writers who know what it’s like to spend Christmas in the middle of summer, I’ll be looking forward to buying your African Christmas album next year.


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