A Life Well-Designed

Some of the world’s grandest buildings, longest bridges, most epic gadgets and memorising sculptures were created with an incredible vision and design in mind. Be it architecture, science or art –  the seemingly mundane repetition of not only perfecting one’s craft, but striving to understanding it holistically, has granted ordinary people the title maestro. But … Continue reading A Life Well-Designed

Take us with Our Big Hair, Afros‚ Bantu Knots‚ Dreadlocks & Braids

The hashtag  #StopRacismAtPretoriaGirlsHigh is trending in South Africa. It comes as students, from the all girls school in Pretoria, would not stand against the racism they face because of their hair. According to various articles on Times Live and News24 students had been told that their hair looked like a “bird’s nest” or were given … Continue reading Take us with Our Big Hair, Afros‚ Bantu Knots‚ Dreadlocks & Braids


“We thought we could only arise and shine when we were strong but that’s actually not the case. We can arise and shine in our weakest state. It’s in the leaning. It’s in the leaning and it’s in the limping and the dependency on the brightness of His goodness. That’s when we arise and shine!”- … Continue reading ARISE & SHINE

The Unravelling…

We spend a great part of our youth learning “how to live”. Our habits are fashioned by those around us and we’re characterized by the areas we live in, trends we follow and music we listen to. It is here, in the words addressed “Dear Diary”, that we begin to create our default settings – … Continue reading The Unravelling…